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Whether you are new to SEO and looking for a litmus test of your website’s health, or have an ongoing campaign that may need a little refreshing, it’s always a good idea to perform regular check-ups.

Explore internet backlinks and domains, discover new links and view anchor text.

Jul 22, 2015. But today I am going to share Top 10 website backlink checker tools. Every website owner. Cognitive SEO Backlink Checker & Site Explorer.

Other sites with neither clout nor toxicity can link to you. You can use third-party tools like SEMrush, Moz Link Explorer or Ahrefs Backlink Checker to get visibility into your profile. So, yes,

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Find your competitor's backlinks and traffic sources with Rank Signals backlink checker tool.

Rankwatch's Backlink Checker is the most coherent Backlink Analysis Tool to. To check the status of backlinks, you employ the use of back link explorer tools.

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Jan 7, 2018. Open Site Explorer Backlink Checker. The key draw of this service comes from the chance to tap into the SEO expertise that Moz has in.

Apr 21, 2019. A backlink checker is a link analysis tool that allows you to check. Moz Link Explorer is one of the oldest backlink link checker tools and pretty.

They have built an incredible amount of trust among online users and website owners. you need to check the number of referring domains for each of them. This can be done with tools like Ahrefs or.

Referring again to the data provided by Open Site Explorer, it reveals to you the number of backlinks or inbound links from different. metric because it provides a fresh take on blog performance,

Of all the tools listed in this article, Moz Link explorer is an old one. and most trusted backlink checker tools for your website.

A simple website(Site Explorer) based on Backlink API, writed by C#/PHP – siteexplorer/Backlink-Checker.

This guide will bring you up to speed on the basics, as well as introduce you to a few vital, but free (or cheap) tools you can use to build backlinks. for any website, including Page Authority and.

Jun 18, 2019. As most of you are probably aware by now, Yahoo Site Explorer officially shut down on November 21st, 2011. To many, including myself, this is.

The top three backlink tools are the Moz Open Site Explorer, Majestic Site Explorer and ahrefs Site. a link from Give a compelling reason to link to your page For example: Check every resource page.

The Most Powerful Backlink Checker. Ahrefs has the second most active web crawler after Google, which means we have the best backlink database in the.

such as Moz’s Open Site Explorer. You can definitely monitor your backlink profile, but it’s a little more complicated than checking one tool once a month. Each major tool requires a paid subscription.

May 15, 2019. The authoritative offers you its own set of backlink checker SEO tools within Open Site Explorer. With a no-charge version, you can.

That’s not true. Yahoo Site Explorer was not merged into Bing Webmaster Tools. It was simply closed. Bing Webmaster Tools doesn’t provide the ability to check on the backlinks to any page in the way.

And luckily you can check these with aHrefs. Just put your domain name in ahrefs site explorer and go in the backlinks section. Please note if there are many Chinese backlinks and many anchor texts.

Moz's Link Explorer shows you complete link metrics for any website, including. This highly accurate link tool lets you check the backlink profile and Domain.

The Keyword Explorer. Next, check to see how frequently the index is updated. Given the importance of links for SEO rankings, most practitioners will want to see the quantity and quality of.

Tell that to the over 30+ sites that still link to it. Seriously. TELL THEM. and then cleverly suggest your site as an alternative. If your niche is related, and you don’t take the time to at least.

Billed as a link popularity checker and backlink analysis tool, Open Site Explorer is free for up to 1000 links with metrics. Another such tool is Yahoo’s Site Explorer. You need to use such tools.

With the crazy 7.1 billion web pages crawled daily (some bug fixing over the beta. up to 1,100 backlinks; Backlinks from SEO PowerSuite Link Explorer, Google.

All in all, infographics are a great way to get quality backlinks from a range of relevant sites. Open Site Explorer or the tool of your choice to find out who was linking to the content you just.

Once I get an idea where my backlinks are coming from and the anchors being used, I use a tool like Open Site Explorer, Majestic Site Explorer. If you want to check out a specific URL, use the SEO.

Mar 27, 2019. Site #4: Canva. Here's what each backlink checker reported for this site:. Then the tool will check the backlinks of all of the sites you put in. And it'll let you.

Backlink Watch greatly helps you to know every bit about your inbound links. It includes. "Search Engine Optimization now revolves around link building".

The Site Explorer (from cognitiveSEO) is the quickest way to check a site's backlinks. Use it for Link Research, Top Pages, Anchor Text Analysis. Enjoy the Quick.

The more websites that are pointing to your site, the more. As an effective backlink checker, SEMrush shows you.

As you begin conducting outreach to expand your backlink portfolio. s in the queue to be recrawled. To check to see if a domain will be queued for re-indexing, use the Just Discovered feature in.

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Another favorite tool is SEOmoz's Open Site Explorer. This backlink checker is only available three times a day in the free version and shows up to 200 backlinks.

Ahrefs Semrush Open Site Explorer Majestic But all. For our example, let’s check the URL profile for my site, i.e. So simply punch in the URL and click on “Get backlink data”. You.

Kline recommends using Moz’s Open Site Explorer to check for duplicate content. You should also look at your competitors’ backlinks, or links to their site from other sites. “How are they getting.